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Jati of Raag- Tonal Classification

raga jatiThe number of notes in ascending or descending movements of a Raga is called its Jati. There are three basic Jatis:

1. Sampooran - containing seven notes,

2. Shaudava - containing six notes,

3. Audava - containing five notes.

Since a Raga may have any combination of ascending and descending notes six more Jatis making a total of 9 Jatis are computed as follows :-

1. Sampooran -- Sampooran: Ragas in this classification will have all the seven notes in the ascending as well as descending movements.

2. Sampooran -- Shaudava: Ragas in this Jati will have seven notes while ascending and six notes while descending.

3. Sampooran -- Audava: Ragas in this category will have seven notes while ascending and only five notes while descending.

4. Shaudava -- Sampooran: Six note ascending and seven descending.

5. Shaudava -- Shaudava: Six notes ascending six descending.

6. Shaudava -- Audava: Six ascending and five descending.

7. Audava -- Sampooran: Five ascending and seven descending.

8. Audava -- Audava: Five ascending and five descending.

9. Audava -- Shaudava: Five ascending and six descending.

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